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Great golf starts with a proper grip and if your hands are sweaty and wet you will  hinder your performance!

When you're playing golf, tennis, racquetball, bowling, rock climbing or working out, you don't want sweaty hands to hinder your performance. As every professional and amateur athlete already knows, one of the keys to success in almost every competitive or amateur sport is maintaining your grip. It's where the rubber meets the road. But until now your only options are using gloves or keeping your hands dry with substances like chalk.  

Tite-Grip is a topical hand cream that was formulated to prevent your hands from perspiring. It is non-sticky, works for hours and acts as a liquid powder for hands AND feet!

Tite-Grip will act like a pair of "invisible gloves" to give you the dry grip you need to increase swing speed!  

To apply Tite-Grip, just put a small amount into your hands and rub together. At first you'll feel the moisture being drawn from your hands, and then they'll become dry and stay dry! Tite-Grip will dry clear and won’t stain clothes. works for hours and acts as a liquid powder for hands AND feet!  


You'll be amazed at all the ways Tite-Grip comes in handy! It's perfect for:

Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Skiing, Paddleball, Baseball, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Weight Lifting, Pole Dancing, Everything requiring a Tite-Grip!  

Tite-Grip can also be used under a sports glove for maximum non-slip grip and to save you money on replacement gloves.

But wait... FEET sweat too! Everyone knows what happens when you wear golf shoes with or without socks, especially in the summer. SMELLY SHOES! Now you can use Tite-Grip to keep your feet dry as well! 

Tite-Grip was developed by Joe Ginger, a golf professional for over forty years, to help his students hold a golf club securely. It did just that and more!

"No more sweaty hands! Used in pole fitness, pole dancing, crossfit, yoga, trapeze, lyra, golf, rock climbing, skiing, shoeholics, bowling, gymnastics, weight lifting, gun shooting, anything, anywhere, anytime. Slipping due to sweat?
Tite Grip is your answer.

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