Why Use Titegrip


Whether you’re playing tennis, racquetball, golf, bowling, rock climbing, working out, or any other sporting activity, you don’t want sweaty hands to hinder your performance. As every professional and amateur athlete already knows, one of the keys to success in almost every competitive or amateur sport is maintaining your grip. It’s where the rubber meets the road! But until now your only options were using gloves or keeping your hands dry with substances like chalk.

Now you can keep your hands dry and sweat free in ANY situation with Titegrip, a topical hand cream that was formulated to prevent your hands from perspiring. It is non-sticky, works for hours and acts as a liquid powder for hands AND feet!


Why use Resin which is messy and slippery under foot. You only need to put Titegrip on just once and it will last for up to 6 hours.


Pitchers can use Titegrip because there is no transfer of the product from your hands to the ball, and what’s best of all is that it will last for the entire game!


With sweaty hands you can lose control while dribbling and shooting the ball. Not anymore! Just rub a few dabs of Titegrip on your hands and you’re good to go for the whole game.

Pole Dancing

For all you dancers – Titegrip2 is the most popular of our products and can be used on all contact points.


A sweaty hand is like having loose strings on your racket = bad shots. Plus, sweaty hands create more calluses.

Weight Lifters

Sweaty hands create bad lifts, plus why breathe in unhealthy chalk when you can avoid it by simply putting a few dabs of Titegrip on your hands and strengthen your grip. Now on for the win!


Do you have sweaty hands and feet while playing hockey? Stop swapping out sweaty gloves to get a better grip or using coated sticks! Instead, put a small amount of Titegrip in your hands and rub them together. No more sweat, no more smell, no more replacing gloves. Result – improved air flow that will help you do what you do best. Play hockey with a renewed sense of confidence!


Everyone knows that when your hands and feet sweat while skiing, they end up getting cold. Protect your hands and feet from sweating by putting on Titegrip and stay dry, feel warmer and ski all day, no problem!


Why use chalk, which is unhealthy to breath in plus it’s very messy. A few dabs of Titegrip will sure up your grip for the entire workout!


Golfers buy all kinds of golf wear to prevent sweating. Then why play with sweaty hands that dry out your gloves! Titegrip will extend the life of your gloves (save money), plus make playing golf more comfortable.


Titegrip will help the Quarterback keep control of the football on very hot days and win the game!